Faculty Support & Secretariat

Faculty Support & Secretariat

Secretarial assistance is provided to instructors through the faculty assistants. Please contact Laura Miller or Khamla Pradaxay with any questions about your assignment.

Those who are not assigned their own faculty assistants receive help through the Secretariat. For questions about the Secretariat, please contact Dawn Moore at dmoore@law.columbia.edu or (212) 854-2688.  

The following serve as notaries. Please call ahead to set up an appointment. 

  • Dean Lance (Secretariat): (212) 854-2687
  • Mary Zulack (Faculty): (212) 854-8214 
  • Philip Genty (Faculty): (212) 854-3250
  • Shartiss England (Human Resources): (212) 851-7529

All supplies must be logged out. Sign out sheets for individual faculty members and centers are alphabetically indexed in the hanging file folder rack on the file cabinet in the Secretariat office. The price list is in the front folder along with blank sign-out sheets. Your account number (UNI for faculty members) must be filled in at the top. Include how many of a particular item you are taking, multiplying by cost for the total amount. The Secretariat then tallies and sends the totals on to the Business Office for billing against your account quarterly. Be sure to request any needed help. If a need arises for large quantities of stock items, please provide advance notice to the Secretariat so that sufficient quantities may be made available.

For anything not stocked by the Secretariat, please consult the Staples catalog and fill out the Supply Order Sheet. You will need your account number (UNI for faculty members). You will be contacted when your order arrives. Supplies obtained through a Supply Order Sheet do not need to be logged out.