Resources for Adjunct Instructors

Resources for Adjunct Instructors

  • Room 611 in Jerome L. Greene Hall is available for adjunct instructors to use as private office space on days they are teaching.  The room, which has four computers, telephones, Ethernet plugs, and a printer, does not need to be reserved in advance. Please contact Bill Gaythwaite at 212-854-1366 or to obtain a key.
  • Campus phones operate on an internal network. To call a campus number from a campus phone, please dial the last five digits of the phone number. (For example, 212-854-1485 translates to 4-1485.)  To make off-campus calls, please dial 93 to get an outside line, and then the area code followed by the 7-digit phone number.

Additional workspace, as well as coffee, tea, other refreshments, and newspapers, is available in the Faculty Lounge, Room 746 Jerome L. Greene Hall. In addition, there is a basic computer workstation in the faculty library area of the lounge.  Adjunct instructors may obtain keys to the faculty lounge from Bill Gaythwaite  Please note, however, that the lounge is for faculty use only and should not be used for meetings with students.

If you need office space at the Law School to hold student conferences, a limited number of rooms can be reserved on a first-come, first-served basis; please check with Bill Gaythwaite at for availability.  You are also welcome to hold conferences off-site at your own office if this is convenient for you and for the students.

Limited clerical assistance is provided to adjunct instructors through the Faculty Secretariat, 711 Jerome L. Greene Hall, 212-854-2688. For assistance, please contact

  • There are copy and print rooms on floors five through nine of Jerome L. Greene Hall, in addition to the printer dedicated to adjunct instructor use in 611 Jerome Greene Hall.  To use the photocopiers, you’ll need a four-digit ID code "0004". After you have punched in the four-digit code, press OK. Once you’ve finished making copies, press clear/mode and clear/stop simultaneously to clear your code.
  • The copiers in the Diamond Law Library require a copy card. The Business Office (212-854-7503) can provide you with a credit slip that the library circulation desk will accept in lieu of a copy card. 
  • The Information Center is located behind the elevator bank on the first floor of Jerome L. Greene Hall. It is staffed from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. weekdays and can be accessed via the west corridor near Room 103.
  • Instructors who have received mail addressed to the Law School are notified by the Info Center via email.
  • FedEx packages and forms are available at the Secretariat.  You can either leave your package with the Secretariat or, on weekends and evenings, bring it to any Federal Express office (A FedEx office is located on the southwest corner of 116th Street and Broadway). You can also leave it at a FedEx drop box with one located just down the block on West 116 Street. (toward MorningsideDrive) outside the Wien courtyard.
  • For United States Postal Service mail drop, there are boxes at various locations near the Law School.  There is also a post office on 112th Street between Broadway and Amsterdam Avenue.