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Academic Requirements

Class Attendance, Required Meeting Times, Equal Access, Examinations, Extensions on Written Work

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Classes & Student Registration

Rescheduling and Recording Classes, Research and Teaching Assistants, Course Descriptions, Learning Outcomes, Class Lists, Seating Charts, Waitlists, Add/Drop Period, Posting Textbook Information, Ordering Textbooks, Copyright Permissions, Posting Course Materials, Preparing Course Packs, Handouts, CourseWorks Support

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Student Written Work

Categories, Writing Credit, Expected Scope, Student Self-Certification, Grading, Extensions

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Examinations, Grading Policy, Grade Deadlines, Submitting Grades, Best in Class 

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Academic Integrity

Academic Honesty, Reporting Procedure 

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Effective & Inclusive Teaching Resources

Class Lists, Names & Pronunciations, Class Recordings, Disability Accommodation, Inclusive Pedagogy 

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J.D. Rules

Rules for the J.D. Degree

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LL.M. Rules

Rules for the LL.M. Degree